I won’t apologise for my neurotype

I will apologise for things I’ve done wrong and I’ll do my best to grow and change with whatever new information I’ve been graced with.

I don’t know everything, I’m not perfect and life is bloody hard. So I try not to be so hard on myself.

There is one thing I absolutely will not apologise for: my neurotype.

Unfortunately, I see a lot of neurokin are quick to apologise for things they haven’t done wrong and things they haven’t even done yet!

Autistic people have been so traumatised by people disregarding us. People thinking we are being aggressive when we are not. Too often we have our feelings invalidated.

So much so that many Autistic people try to avoid this by apologising for every action they take.

Some even pre-empt this by apologising for potential future actions or not living up to expectations of a certain situation.

It is so sad to hear and watch over and over again. Sadder still to live like.

We are constantly devalued and belittled that we feel we need to apologise simply for having the nerve for being around others.

It is such an awful thing that so many of us feel we have to apologise for speaking our truth, advocating for our needs and just existing.

I’d love to see less apologising from Autistic people and more care and thoughtfulness from non-Autistic people.

Autistics: you are worthy, you matter and you never need to apologise for your Autistic embodiment.

I won’t apologise for my neurotype!

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