Autistic Experiences

Training on Autistic experience including sensory, communication, language and cultural differences.

Autistic Mental Health

Training on Autistic mental health – how it can effect Autistic people and how best to support us.

Autistic Gender Divergence

Training on Autistic trans and / or non-binary issues and experiences.

Very happy to conduct bespoke training. Please feel free to contact me for more information regarding the training listed or bespoke options at;

Thank you again for your time, energy and powerful contributions to our discussion panel yesterday.

— The Neurodiversity Network

Katie is an up-and-coming neurodivergent and genderdivergent advocate with a passionate and compelling voice in the community. Their perspective is informed by their own experiences, their work supporting and empowering neurodivergent, genderdivergent and disabled young people, and their central position in the neurodivergent queer community. Katie’s work is always reflective and influenced by these multiple perspectives. All who work with them or experience their work benefit from their active listening, reflective approach, and highly considered support, advice and ways forward.

— Charlotte Brooks