Working With Autistic Transgender and Non-Binary People: Research, Practice and Experience. Edited by Marianthi Kourti

I was very excited when Jessica Kingsley Publishers announced another new book on transgender Autistic experiences, collected, edited and written mostly by people who are both trans and / or non-binary and Autistic.

Working with Autistic Transgender and Non-Binary people: Research, Practice and Experience (edited by Marianthi Kourti)….

Neuroqueer Heresies by Nick Walker

I was so eager to read Nick Walker’s new book Neuroqueer Heresies that I was gifted it as an early Christmas present, and I was not disappointed.

Neuroqueer Heresies: Notes on the Neurodiversity Paradigm, Autistic Empowerment, and Postnormal Possibilities collects Walker’s essays, originally shared through her website (, as well as her new pieces on terminology, language and disability models….

About Me

Hey! I’m Katie, a late realised Autistic person with OCD and Attention Hyperactivity.

I have worked with Disabled children in the charity sector and coached wheelchair basketball since 2016.

I am a community researcher involved in Cancer services accessibility for disabled and trans folk, healthcare accessibility for Autistic people and more general work on disabled people’s experience of mental health.

I am also available for training and consultation.

My pronouns are they / them.

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Just Right for You: A Story about Autism by Melanie Heyworth

Just Right for You: A Story About Autism is written by Reframing Autism founder and CEO Dr Melanie Heyworth and illustrated by Celeste Josephine Art. These Autistic creators have made s visually stunning and insightful book brimming with Autistic pride and passion. The illustrations throughout are beautifully ethereal and capture the essence of Autistic oneness with the sensory realm.

Standing Up for Myself
by Evaleen Whelton

Standing up for Myself is a book for Autistic young people about boundaries, personal space, consent and power play written by Evaleen Whelton, an Autistic teacher who educates on Autistic experience and culture through their companies AUsome Training and Konfident Kids.

Approaching Autistic Adulthood: The Road Less Travelled
by Grace Liu

Approaching Autistic Adulthood: The Road Less Travelled is a personal development book written by Grace Liu. Grace writes about the musings, memories and mishaps of a bi-racial, Autistic, lesbian writer regularly on her blog Unwritten Grace.

The book shares informal advice, observations and anecdotes on Autistic experience….

The New Normal: Autistic musings on the threat of a broken society by David Gray-Hammond

The New Normal is an anthology which explores the experiences of neuronormativity and how these social constructs effect and oppress neurodivergent people. The book is a collection of David’s essays which cover many ideas including Autistic representation in the media, mental health and suicidality, and radical advocacy.

Autistic identity, culture, community, and space for well-being

Autistic identity, culture, community, and space for well-being explores the importance of self and community identification, belonging and connectedness. Chloe posits that many Autistic people distance ourselves from the pathology of ‘autism’ therefore distancing ourselves from the protective factors of community. This leaves many Autistic people in limbo – many of us feel that we do not fit into the neuro-normative world or the Autistic community, which can lead to isolation and poor self-esteem.