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Counterculture: Autistic shielding and neuro-anarchy

“There are several aspects to neuro-anarchy and several ways it can be engaged with consciously and unconsciously, it is a big part of Autistic shielding, especially the conscious choice to engage in counterculture and culture which sits on the outskirts of counterculture itself.”

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ADHD isn’t a mental health condition

I’ve seen lots of misinformed people call ADHD a mental health condition. This is inaccurate and harmful for many reasons. First, ADHD is a neurotype. Just another type of bodymind. Hyperactive? Yes. Impulsive? Maybe. Disorganised? Sure. But never a ‘disorder’ as far as I’m concerned. I’m getting on reasonably well with my particular brand of […]

The difference between Autistic masking and Autistic shielding

“Autistic shielding appreciates that there is no such thing as invisible differences or disabilities – simply that people do not care enough to educate themselves and really see other people. Shielding is projecting the most intense, strange and wonderful things about yourself – waving our freak flags high for all to see. ”

What is Autistic shielding?

Autistic shielding is leaning into your neurological differences and behaviours. It is embracing neuro-anarchy: being who you are, doing what you do and bollocks if others don’t like it. Shielding for me is being aggressively Autistic and Attention Hyperactive and doing my OCD rituals and behaviours with no shame. Shielding is liberation; protecting myself by […]


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I’m Katie, a late diagnosed Autistic person with OCD and Attention Hyperactivity. I train, speak and write on all things Autistic experience with particular interest and expertise in gender divergence.

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