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The price of ‘functioning’

To most people I would appear to be a well ‘functioning’ human being – I work, have a home, am studying a post graduate degree and I’m a parent. I appear to have my shit together but often, under the surface, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I love to be busy and I […]

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Autistic Pride: joy, pain and activism

As I explored in What Pride Means to Me, pride is a confusing emotion. It is love for yourself, self care and appreciation. Pride is self love in the face of oppressive systems which constantly try to break us down. So what am I proud of today? I am proud to be a non-binary, neuroqueering, […]

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Schools Bill MP letter / email template

I have created this template for people to use in whatever way you think will be helpful, including sharing with your local MP. Don’t know your MP? Find them here. Dear _____ I have some major concerns over the proposed Schools Bill, as the bill shall: 1. Make it more difficult for home educators to […]


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I’m Katie, a late diagnosed Autistic person with OCD and Attention Hyperactivity. I train, speak and write on all things Autistic experience with particular interest and expertise in gender divergence.

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