Supportive apprenticeships? A look at the new DfE initiative

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Finally, the Department for Education has released their plans for support for Disabled apprentices.

Unfortunately, the wait was not worth it.

Settings will have to apply for funding which then may be denied. In the same style as Education Health Care Plans (EHCP).

This may mean that settings do not go for funding to support Disabled people in their apprenticeships. The same way that schools are reluctant to put in for EHCPs.

After an exceedingly beaurocratic process, these applications can be denied or chopped about so much that Disabled children are inadequately ‘supported.’ The same process will happen to Disabled apprentices.

I am not excusing unsupportive schools and other settings, not one bit. They are too blame too of course.

However, the systems we all have to work within are poorly thought out and purely performative. They don’t actually support, validate or empower Disabled people.

We’ve waited 8 years for this… with all this time you’d have thought it would be better.

We need Disabled people leading such policies instead of the same able bodied neuronormative people telling us how we need to be supported.

No. It doesn’t work.

Throw. It. In. The. Bin.

More information can be found at the gov website here.

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