Trans and Autistic: Getting my hair cut

person combing person s hair

I haven’t had the energy to get my hair cut in SO long, category was: scarecrow.

It’s a worry for me to go in to the hairdressers for a ‘mans’ haircut, people either think I’m being cute or give me a feminine version of it, all the while I get referred to as a ‘lady’, ‘woman’ etc (I would hate the word ‘lady’ no matter who I was!).

I want to go to a barbers, the barbers round our area are mostly run by muslim families, so I don’t want to cross potential cultural lines around a man and a woman – who are not family – being alone together. (Something awful came of this whilst I was in Indian – a story for another time). I am not a woman, however 99.9% of the world perceive me to be and I’m not having that discussion just so I can get my hair cut.

There are already issues around doing something new, physically having my haircut, small talk, noises, smells, worrying about my piercings being caught when my fringe is being cut… it’s a lot.

So, add people misgendering me makes things so much more difficult and uncomfortable.

Where does a non-binary Autstic person go for a haircut?

All of this has added to my procrastinating getting my hair cut. So, I went to my usual hairdressers and it was a new person cutting my hair (stress intensifies) BUT they were fab – and queer 🏳️‍🌈 – and now I look like how I’m supposed to and it feels so much better.

For the first time in months, I actually look like me and now I’ve done this once I am sure I can do it again.

[ID: selfie of me, a large white person, you can see me from the shoulders up. I have a large round face, a big smile, large round glasses and a cute new short back and sides haircut].

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