Cancer services accessibility report

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The What I Would like to Say project has been running since April 2022 and we’ve been able to speak to some amazing Disabled and Neurodivergent people about their experiences with cancer services in the UK ranging from accessing information and screening, to treatment, recovery and aftercare.

Through creative arts we were able to share with each other our experiences of cancer services, healthcare, accessibility issues and life in general.

I am honoured to have had people trust me with their stories and intimate parts of their journey. This research (which is already shaping NHS practice) would not exist without the openness of the attendees. They are the real stars of the project.

The attendees gave so much of themselves and we have several more community researchers to help us with the next chapter! Including a audio description for our outcome video.

Here’s hoping we get the funding for the next stage. Keep your eyes open for infographics, blogs and much more. The project is over but really it’s only just beginning.

All the information on the process and what we found out can be found in the links below:

Research Report

Video of findings

Bournemouth Uni article

Help and Care article

Recruitment posters

My reflections as a community researcher

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