Schools Bill MP letter / email template

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I have created this template for people to use in whatever way you think will be helpful, including sharing with your local MP. Don’t know your MP? Find them here.

Dear _____

I have some major concerns over the proposed Schools Bill, as the bill shall:

1. Make it more difficult for home educators to educate in the way that suits the needs of their children. Most of which have already been failed by the education system.

2. Put more pressure on families of children who cannot attend school due to consistent bullying, fear and reality of harm at school, unmet SEND needs and mental health issues.

3. Make it more difficult for children and families to access education outside of school by putting unnecessary beurocratic procedures in place.

4. Children will received punitive measures for missing school, regardless of the reason for their non-attendance (including grief, funerals, family occasions, mental health episodes, illness including those who are chronically ill etc).

The Schools Bill will control how families choose to educate their children, effecting the most vulnerable in our communities including disabled people, people from travelling communities, those with mental health issues and those who are economically disadvantaged.

If the point of this bill is to help those who are ‘missing education’ why penalise tutors, home educators and others who educate outside of schools?

If this Bill passes thousands of children and families across the UK will be negatively effected. They will have their rights, ability to chose and the ability to protect their children taken away from them. There is already a mental health crisis in the UK and this will make it so much worse.

As my local MP I think it behoves you to take my concerns, and those of your constituents seriously and challenge the proposed Schools Bill. It needs to be completely rewritten as it is harmful to so many people. Not only is this ethically questionable it also puts more pressure on an otherwise overloaded NHS and Mental Health Services.

Kind regards,

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