The Schools Bill – making education harder for Disabled children

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The proposed Schools Bill (UK) has so many red flags!

If it becomes law it will affect every parent / carers rights long term.

Under the new bill, if you decide to home educate, you will need to obtain consent from the school your child is registered at. You may then get local authority staff – who are not trained in education or SEND – assessing your child’s learning, well-being and development.

The local authority will have the power to decide, at a moment’s notice, that your child must return to school, and they may send them to an inadequate school of *their* choosing, where your child’s needs may not be met, and from which they will not be allowed to be withdrawn by you.

The Schools Bill is being advertised as a bill only targeting those ‘missing education’. However, the proposal is full of outrageous and harmful ideas which will affect all our children.

Please read the Schools Bill and do what you can to fight it.

Write to your MP. Find out who your local peers/members of the House of Lords are and write to them.

The Schools Bill does not just target home educators, travellers, those living nomadically – It will affect any child under 18, including ours!

> Do you have a child who is sick or poorly a lot? This bill will affect you.

>Do you have a child who has mental health issues and is too anxious or depressed to attend school at times? This bill will affect you.

>Have you had a bereavement in the family, and your child wants to attend the funeral or needs some time off to grieve and process things? This bill will affect you.

>Do you have a child with undiagnosed or unmet needs? This bill will affect you.

>Is your child being severely and persistently bullied or socially ostracized at school, to the extent that it’s affecting their physical health, mental health and well-being? This bill will affect you.

If you have a child / children, this bill will affect you.

I am worried, I am beyond worried as a parent of a child who is likely to be Neurodivergent, the education system is already in tatters and this will make things a whole lot worse.


Find the Schools Bill in full here.

Please find a template to send to your MP here.

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