Definitions for Autistic Shielding and Neuro-Anarchy

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I created the terms Autistic shielding and neuro-anarchy and use both fairly regularly. These terms mean a lot to me, as a way to explain how I understand my own embodiment and how I see myself within Autistic communities and wider society.

In true Katie style I am finally (about two years later!) defining these terms, as I feel they may resonate with other Neurodivergent folk. So, here are the “official” definitions of both (for now).

Neuro-anarchy: subverting the rules of neuro-normativity (with relation to autism subverting auti-normativity); deconstructing hierarchies and appreciating all neurotypes as equally valid.

There are several aspects to neuro-anarchy and several ways it can be engaged with consciously and unconsciously, it is a big part of Autistic shielding, especially the conscious choice to engage in countercultures which subvert hierarchy and normativity.

Autistic shielding: a liberating and transformational practice; being authentically strange; protecting yourself and those you love by creating and maintaining a non-physical two way membrane about yourselves – you control to a certain extent what comes in and out.

These terms will shift and grow as I find out more about myself and what they mean to me, and of course others may have ideas to add too.

I am massively aware of the privilege which comes from me being able to engage in both of these (Authenticity is a privilege)

Other information for both terms:

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