Navigating online advocacy

gray wooden maze

When I started online advocacy a few years back I felt like I had a vision, an aim.

I was ushered into groups lovingly and with open arms, some I was massively interested in and others were more problematic. Some were very unsafe places for me.

I navigated myself round these during lockdown and whilst heavily pregnant. I wanted to be connected with others who had similar ideals.

What I hadn’t realised at the time is that some ideals are not static – they can change with the time and environment we are in and the people we are around.

I will always believe that Disabled and Neurodivergent folk matter. We are an important part of human diversity, we are individuals with strengths, weaknesses, goals and support needs. All of which there is no shame in.

However, as I get to know my own Disabled being and take in more information from other Autistic folk I have changed. Changed in a way I can’t quite understand (cheers alexithymia!).

So, I sit here thinking about what next year will bring for me. In the real world I’m involved in lots of projects around cancer services, Autistic access to healthcare, Disabled mental health and tons of trans Autistic stuff. Then my actual day job and wheelchair basketball.

I just don’t know where online advocacy sits within that any more. Or does online advocacy just mean different things across the year for me?

This was more of a ramble than anything else but would be nice to know how other people are doing on their online advocacy journeys.

It ain’t all plain sailing.

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