Activism in the everyday

“Activism doesn’t have to be big and loud it can be in every day conversations”

Every time someone speaks up for marginalised folks they are advocating for themselves and others.

Showing up for ourselves and other people is the biggest form of self care and activism.

Activism doesn’t have to be big and flashy, web pages, articles, academia, large protests – these things are important but they aren’t the only way to advocate and activate.

Talking with others, showing up as your authentic self, being a role model for younger people, using gender neutral language, co-production, giving the spot light to others, sharing information and resources online.

These ‘little things’ all add up to big changes.

Activism doesn’t have to be big energy-zapping, painful and dangerous actions. A conversation, community building, mutual aid, a share, engagement it’s all amazing work.

There is no SMALL activism, it all counts.

Let’s keep at it peeps!

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