Technological capitalism trundles on

roll of american dollar banknotes tightened with band

I’ve now been asked to make a profile / have an app for my dentist, GP and Pharmacy. I don’t understand how to do this and I don’t want to. I used to have a GP online portal thing and then it changed and I got locked out. Back to phoning my GP 82 times at 8am to get through only to be told there are no spaces for two weeks!

They want to do less work their end whilst putting *more* pressure on people who are overwhelmed. So many of us have busy, hectic and difficult lives. As tech improves we have more added to us, self serve check outs, apps for appointments, parking apps, automated phone operators. More and more hoops we have to jump through and they are totally inaccessible to so many of us.

Once we get used to one difficult system they change it all and make it more difficult, less accessible and we are the very people who so desperately need these systems to work for us.

I can’t keep up with the incessant need to make everything an app or something to be done online. When I spoke to the pharmacist about my prescription and how I couldn’t do it online due to my disabilities, she ignored me and parroted the same thing back to me. Good luck luv, I’m going to carry on phoning you as even that is NOT my first choice. Tell me about the app one more time, I dare you.

Technology is amazing but the capitalist machine crushes people with it in the name of profit and us Disabled folk are front and centre for the squashing.

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