Hey! I’m Katie. I am a late diagnosed Autistic person with OCD and Attention Hyperactivity.

I have worked with Disabled children in the charity sector and coached wheelchair basketball since 2016.

I am doing an MRes in Gender Studies, collecting and sharing the stories of trans and / or non-binary Autistic adults with the hope to create more accessible and appropriate work on our experiences. I am in the midst of applying for my PhD which I hope to do with older gender divergent Autistic folk.

I sometimes write stuff as well! Mostly about Queer Autistic experiences at AIM For The Rainbow and Aucademy – Education for everyone on Autistic experience

This website is basically my ramblings on being Neurodivergent, Queer and Weird!

I share funny stories, info and resources around my experiences, as well as Autistic and Disabled activist info.

My pronouns are they / them.

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  1. Congrats, that’s a big step! Happy to have the resource and follow along. I’m a middle-aged late diagnosed ADHDer and am fairly certain I’m Autistic as well. Mustering up the courage to do the same, and share my experience navigating the world… eventually.

    • Hey! Welcome aboard. Thank you, it has taken me some time to get here what with a pandemic and poor executive function but i will say having a creative avenue has been really helpful for me to work out who I am post diagnosis. Let me know if you’d like any help and feel free to add me on twitter if you’re there @social_parasite

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