Stop the shock: An update before the next protest

Due to the organisation of Stop the Shock Protest and Hill Day, on May 22nd (12-5 PM) on Boston Commons, adjacent Park Street Station. I thought I would reshare the hideous atrocities within the Judge Rotenberg Center.

Content warning: abuse, neglect, ableism, death, and systemic rascism.

The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC), in Canton, Massachusetts, is an institution for for learning Disabled and Autistic children and adults, with many of their residents also being People of Colour. The JRC tortures some of their residents with an electronic device called a Gradual Electronic Decelerator (GED). Residents at the JRC are forced to wear these devices on their bodies, so that staff can give them an electric shock remotely.

These shocks are used to punish residents for ‘challenging’ and unwanted behaviour, which has included: speaking out of turn, refusing to remove their coat, trying to remove the device or expressing pain. At least six residents have died as a result of their ‘care’ at the JRC and countless others have suffered physical and mental harm due to the use of GEDs.

Despite being twice condemned by the United Nations for use of torture, the JRC continues to inflict pain and punishment on vulnerable people.

More information, including what we can do to fight against this disgusting abuse, can be found at the following:

Autistic Self Advocacy Network


The Progressive Magazine

Autistic Science Person

(There are videos on YouTube too, which are informative but can be difficult to watch – please look after yourself if and when accessing them)

There is a group organising a protest on May 22nd on Boston Common – please find information for this and more general JRC #StopTheShock information in here.

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