Trans Day of Visibility – stay proud, stay safe

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Trans Day of Visibility is always a strange one for me.

I’ve been “out” for nearly a year and a half now. I’ve been out in various stages across my social life, the first person being my husband who has been amazing with my new pronouns and my journey so far.

My being visible has also caused me a lot of pain and grief, continuous misgendering of me, having to navigate cis feelings when I’d much rather not.

Adding this issue to those I have around not being taken seriously as a multiply neurodivergent Disabled person. It’s a lot.

It’s also culminated in family estrangement which is a mixed bag to say the least.

So, yes I have trans pride but also I really understand how and why so many of us stay in the closet for so long.

I will be out loud and proud to try and make it a better and safer place for all my gender diverse siblings to be themselves.

Stay proud but also stay safe.

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