Autistic and living the dream?

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I once got “called out” by someone online about my screen name. They said that not all Autistic people were able to ‘live the dream.’

This person was talking about their son. They used all sorts of functioning labels about him and mentioned things I’d never share publicly about myself, let alone my own son.

I wish people would stop sharing intimate details of their Autistic children online. It’s so gross and unsafe, especially when its not shared with permission.

Also, doing that to drag down another Autistic person is rather strange 🤔 [thinking emoji]. Its definitely a weird flex, talking about a life you’ve never lived personally.

Although, begrudgingly, the person is right (about living the dream not about sharing her sons info).

We don’t / can’t all live the dream.

I can to an extent because I have alot of privilege – white, middle class and English speaking probably being the biggest.

However, my page name isn’t a reflection of that. It was merely a saying I used to use over and over again to answer “how are you?”

“I’m living the dream.”

It’s sarcastic and pokes fun at the strange questions normies ask people every day without really caring about the answer.

I’m aware that alot of us are struggling. I look around at my neurokin and I know we all live hard lives. We fight every day for acknowledgement and support with our struggles and validation for our strengths and humanity.

This is intersectional of course, everything is. What’s easier for me is much harder for others. And what’s more accessible to some is not for me.

I hope one day we can all have a little slice of our dreams. All Autistic people deserve that.

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