ADHD isn’t a mental health condition

adhd text

I’ve seen lots of misinformed people call ADHD a mental health condition. This is inaccurate and harmful for many reasons.

First, ADHD is a neurotype. Just another type of bodymind. Hyperactive? Yes. Impulsive? Maybe. Disorganised? Sure. But never a ‘disorder’ as far as I’m concerned.

I’m getting on reasonably well with my particular brand of organised chaos, thanks.

Secondly, calling ADHD a mental health condition erases those of us who are both ADHD and have mental health issues. And there are ALOT of us because we live in a World which isn’t suited to our needs, strengths or interests.

We are labelled “lazy”, “stupid”, “rude” until such time as we realise that we are ADHD. Even then the stigma doesn’t stop, and daily life doesn’t become any less exhausting.

Some of us struggle with anxiety, a bodymind which never rests, the constant fear of failure and rejection sensitivity. The amount of trauma so many of us experience also adds to our poor mental health.

Mental health conditions are also a neurotype and are nothing to be ashamed of.

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