Autistic Pride: joy, pain and activism

an illustration of stick people

As I explored in What Pride Means to Me, pride is a confusing emotion. It is love for yourself, self care and appreciation. Pride is self love in the face of oppressive systems which constantly try to break us down.

So what am I proud of today?

I am proud to be a non-binary, neuroqueering, attention hyperactive, obssessive-compulsive neuro-anarchist.

I am proud to be a mum, a youth worker, an activist, a writer, a creative. A person who is constantly trying to make the World a better place for as many of us as possible.

My pride comes from being me, exactly as I am, whilst the world tries to invalidate me, hurt me, gaslight me, hate me and ignore me in equal measure.

Autistic Pride Day is needed to champion our joy but also to show others that our fight for equality and equity isn’t over.

Just as Queer Pride is still a riot, so is Autistic Pride. Living authentically is half the battle. So happy and riotous Autistic Pride everyone! Carry on being awesome.

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