Living at the blurry edges of gender and neurotype

young man with bright painted face

I am the odd one out in a lot of rooms. Sometimes I even feel that I am on the outskirts of the marginalised groups I belong too. I belong there but not in the way I used to imagine.

I am non-binary but not in a way that people feel is ‘obvious’. I am not androgynous and I wear clothes considered to be of my assigned sex. I don’t have a gender neutral name and no one seems to take notice of my they  / them pronouns.

I am bisexual but I’m married to a man so most people think I’m straight, simultaneously erasing my queerness whilst misgendering me. 

I am Autistic but most people are surprised by this. Even in Autistic spaces I just feel like I’m not quite the same as everyone else.

My identities are never understood or valued outside of queer and neurodivergent spaces.

It’s a strange feeling living at these blurry edges, it feels frustratingly confusing. Almost as if I am constantly gaslighting myself.

I am queer, Disabled, Autistic, trans and non-binary ENOUGH. I just wish I felt that more often

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