I wish I could dress like a boy

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I have pretty intense sensory processing differences – I get mega tactile joy from soft, light materials and clothing which flows off me. And I hate stuffy, thick, clunky clothing. Tags in clothing make me want to scratch the skin off my body.

I find it difficult to wear full length trousers as I don’t like how they feel on my ankles. I also have issues with how clothes fit on my chest, armpits and round my thighs.

I am constantly overheating so I can’t wear lots of layers or thick clothing.

I often wear the same things every day: loose fitting linen dresses and cotton harem trousers. I wear shorts and flip flops all year round.

Although, I love what I wear I wish I could dress more masculine, a polo shirt and jeans, a shirt and dress shorts with deck shoes. I want so much to be read as masculine but my sensory sensitivities get in the way of this.

I want to dress like a boy but it may never happen. I may never be able to feel physically comfortable in more fitted clothing.

I am trapped in a gender expression which isn’t wholly my own: it belongs to my sensory differences, my being Autistic and ADHD.

My neurology is fighting my gender dysphoria and I lose either way.

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  1. Women can wear masculine clothes or whatever they want. Men can wear dresses and feminine clothes. Wear what you want and don’t worry about what you can can’t wear.

    • I’d love to wear mens clothes its the sensory differences that mean I can’t. I can’t express myself the way I want to because of some very real sensory issues.

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