Autistic parenthood: I hope I remember

child walking on grass path

When you’re older I hope I remember…

Your gorgeous 2 year old smile.

The way you scream when you run.

You running off with my body butter.

You banging on the door in the morning to start your day.

You throwing the dolly out of your pushchair before you run around with it, crashing into walls.

How you sit in front of the washing machine watching it going round and round.

When you hide from yourself in the mirror and then say “boo.”

Running away from us when you need your bum changing.

The joy you show sitting in a ball pit.

Splashing in the swimming pool.

Getting annoyed that books come to an end.

Dragging your toy dog across the floor.

Running at me and your Daddy for cuddles.

I wish I could take a snapshot of all these precious and amazing moments, and all the ones to come. You are my everything, my one and only son.


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