The Autistic Revolution: the magazine for us by us

The first issue is out now! Access for FREE here.

Jenny Loughran (Celebrating the Neurodiversity programme) and Callum Brazzo (Autistic Led) are developing an Autistic led quarterly magazine called Autistic Revolution.

They intend to become a constituted group so they are able to pay Autistic contributors. So often we are asked to take part in voluntary work when our expert knowledge is invaluable.  Their hope is that Autistic Revolution will provide employment for those in the UK and further afield – Autistic content creators, editors and writers.

They are looking for a core team to develop and produce work which celebrates and reframes Autistic experience, including: passions and hobbies, stims and sensory integration, book reviews, Autistic artists, gaming, Black Indigenous People of Colour experiences, non-speaking experiences etc.

I shall be running the LGBTQIA+ page and have had some amazing people contact me about getting involved. I’m still looking for contributors and I know that the non-speaking and Black Indigenous People of Colour experiences pages are still too.

Want to get involved? Email Jenny on:

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