Another Pride month fades to black

abstract background with rainbow colors on rough icy surface

So, my plan for #PrideMonth was to write something every day.

It’s my plan every Pride Month but Attention Hyperactivity, brain fog and life gets in the way!

It is so vital that we share our stories, resources, information love and acceptance all year round but especially in a month where big corporations make rainbow dollars with no regard for LGBTQIA+ support. Or a passing performative we’ll-bung-some-money-at-the-most-obvious-Queer-charity.

It’s a month where some Queer charities are uplifted but come July 1st, are dropped like a stone and left fumbling for help the other 11 months of the year.

Today the flags get taken down – the pink pound has been squeezed enough from us folk who tend to have less money anyways.

We’ve done our part in the capitalist machine which wants nothing more than for us to not exist.

I am so happy to be out proud, finally at the age of 31 but I look around at the state of this World and I completely understand the allure of the closet.

Take down the rainbows they don’t belong to you.

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