Do all Autistic people have ‘special interests’?

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We don’t all have special interests and that’s fine!

Some Autists know everything about their favourite subject. Special / focused interests can be based around stats, dates, facts and figures. Special interests on history, people, places, animals can come with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the subject.

My special interests are more complex because I’m also Attention Hyperactive and my memory is not brilliant!

My work has been a big interest of mine for years. I would talk about it a lot, the people, politics, activities. I never spoke about the young people of course but everything else I spoke about near constantly.

I also used to get super interested in particular people in my life although this happens less now I am settled in my main relationships. Sometimes this special interest saw me merge almost completely with the person, taking on their behaviours and mannerisms. It wasn’t a very healthy thing so I’m glad I don’t do it any more.

I now have my main interest of trans+ Autistic experiences. I’m reading it at post grad level so I think, talk and write about it quite alot.

So, not all Autistic people have special interests, or they may just be a bit different from those of other people.

Either way is totally valid and doesn’t make anyone less Autistic.

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