Autistic parenthood: sensory overload

man carrying child

Sometimes parenting as an Autistic person looks like this…

My ear defenders now live on the hook in the hall. They’re no longer secreted away until I need them for an activity with big noisy crowds.

They are front and centre in the hallway. They need to be easy access because I never know when the noise of Little Man is going to get to me.

He’s just started the ‘terrible twos’ stage – awful name but you get what I mean – and he finds it hard when Daddy leaves for work. So, he throws himself down and makes these noises which prod and poke at my very soul.

I love my son. That’s why sometimes I have to wear my ear defenders or ear buds. Wearing ear defenders means I can look after myself and keep loving him. He is at a stage in his life which is probably very exciting for him but also very emotional and intense.

We can’t look after our kids when we aren’t looking after ourselves.

[ID: a head and shoulders pic of me: a large white person with messy short dark hair. I’m wearing my usual brown and orange rimmed glasses and eyebrow bar. Sitting on my usual spot on the grey sofa in front of green old lady curtains which are partly drawn. I am wearing a white and black set of children’s ear defenders (I have a small head?) I have a blank and exhausted look on my face. Watching Finding Nemo for the millionth time to centre Little Man]

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  1. “We can’t look after our kids when we aren’t looking after ourselves.” I am glad (and miserable) to be learning this very lesson right now. Sigh.

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